1. Button Up Assessment

We take the time to learn about your home, you will realize that there are many opportunities for improvement in the energy efficiency, comfort and durability of your home.

2. Button Up Review

This professional safety review includes an overview of your home’s energy effectiveness. We prioritize a plan for your budget.

3. Button Up Comprehensive

After pinpointing energy saving opportunities, BUE can work with your contractor or implement your plan with our team. We’ll teach you about how your home works and uses energy.

Headline: 1. Energy Efficiency Assessment & Plan (with Energy Star)
  • Home Performance with Energy Star; Preliminary inspection of all combustible appliances (heaters, water heater, stoves tops/ oven, fireplace). Test for carbon monoxide, draft, spillage; worst-case depressurization of the combustion appliance zones (WCD).
  • Calculate total volume of building for Building Air Flow standards and ventilation requirements.
  • Review and calculate energy usage (utility bills).
  • Review of moisture management factors inside and outside building that can affect building durability, occupant health and safety. Inspect domestic hot water tank condition and gas lines for leaks.
  • Blower door test, Duct testing and thermography (IR camera). Diagnostic equipment used to measure the homes air infiltration (uncontrolled air entering the building) from crawlspace, attic, and structural leaks that bring in pollutants, plus air leakage (heated or cooled) to the outdoors from your furnace / AC equipment.
  • Overview of insulation, exhaust fans, lights, water, electronics.
  • Our professional testing follows BPI National Home Performance Standards for residential energy efficiency retrofit work.
  • Our report prioritizing energy saving opportunities. We provide a work scope in our Energy Plan.
Our Prioritized Energy Plan

The Energy Plan will identify and detail any financial rebates available to the client (i.e., Energy Trust of Oregon, State or Federal tax credits). We will assist you in this area.

Our test findings and recommendations are presented from most critical to least based upon safety and the initial client assessment of concerns. General categories will include occupant safety, health issues, building durability, heating and thermal envelope, comfort, client current energy use and energy costs.

Clients wishing to use less energy and/or lower their energy costs may also need to make behavior changes (i.e. people who wish to rely heavily on solar energy may need to prioritize and organize energy usage). When appropriate, discussion will take place with the client to determine if energy system improvements will require behavior changes.

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